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Golf Legend John Daly Launches CBD/Hemp Line of Products



Golf legend John Daly announced that he will be starting his own brand of CBD and Hemp Products under the Brand name “The John Daly Collection.” Daly has represented many brands throughout his golf career, and while he will continue to golf professionally on the senior tour, he is excited to be part of this new venture.


John Daly has a reputation as one of golf’s most relatable players with a rebel edge and southern charm. He also has one of the biggest hearts in the game, quietly donating Millions of Dollars to charities and nonprofits through his foundation. What many people don’t know is that he also suffers debilitating pain from the many injuries incurred during his long professional golf career.


“I am thrilled to be part of a company that will offer a wide range of the highest quality and tested CBD and Hemp-based products to help provide healing and well-being to those in need of relief,” said Daly. “We hope to grow the company and my brand to become a worldwide leader in the CBD and Hemp products marketplace.”

“The medicinal aspects of CBD have been very beneficial for me in alleviating pain, anxiety and sleeplessness,” explained John, “and I wanted to create products that would help introduce others to this life-enhancing opportunity.”


Initial products include the “Back 9” Series of pain relief creams and transdermal patches, Hemp Extract Gummies and Single Dose Tinctures with nationwide distribution.


The Back9 hemp extract series was formulated with John to help with muscle and uses cutting edge ingredients and patented delivery systems.


The John Daly Collection hemp extract gummies are available in four different formulations which can help to promote calm, focus, sleep or assist with pain and discomfort.  All products are made in the U.S.A. with pride!


The “Daly Ritual” Single dose Hemp Extract tinctures are also available in different formulations and are a convenient way to administer CBD without having to carry around a bulky bottle.




For more information, please contact:

Rick Leslie, CEO


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